UDLabs Challenge 2021

Showcase your awesome hardware/software project!

About Us

Upside Down Labs team works on making innovative affordable open-source hardware and software solutions accessible for:

  • Makers, researchers, students, and learners make it easy for them to start exploring electronics while having fun.
  • Businesses by making the technology development cycle efficient.

UDLabs Challenge 2021

UDLabs Challenge is a global event for people who make awesome software/hardware projects to showcase their innovative ideas.

Excited? We certainly are!


  1. The participants have to register for the challenge and submit their awesome hardware or software projects
  2. Top 10 submissions will be selected and their project details will be uploaded on our Instagram handle. This is not an elimination round.
  3. Participants will get a chance to present their project in front of various industry leaders. Selection Criteria: 25% points will be based on post interactions on the project post on Instagram handle, 25% points will be based on the Linkedin poll and 50% points will be based on feedback received on YouTube live.


Top 10 projects will get:

  1. Certificates.
  2. Promotion of projects on social media.
  3. Interaction with industry leaders on YouTube Live.
  4. Many more prizes.

Top 3 projects will get:

  1. Special prizes by Upside Down Labs.
  2. Many more prizes.

Prizes worth $800 given to top 10 projects and prize worth $100 given to one amazing project at any point during the competition.

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Registrations Closed!

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