Want to conduct a

DIY Neuroscience workshop/

lecture in your college?

With an aim to promote DIY Neuroscience Culture, we are organizing various events and workshops across India.

Our aim behind this initiative!

Neuroscience is not taught at schools and most colleges as the type of equipment/machines required for setting up a lab are very expensive.

This inaccessibility of tools to students at an early stage in their education lead’s to fewer curious minds about neuroscience.

That’s where we come in. Providing a hands-on experience with our affordable DIY Neuroscience kits, detailed documentation, software examples and guidance will not only cater to this problem but also encourage more students to explore the field of neuroscience.

DIY Muscle-Controlled Game

@ NSUT, New Delhi

Organized at Annual Cultural Fest, Moksha where students had to make pillars of small blocks using a servo claw that was controlled by EMG signals.


Science Conclave

@ Science City, Ahmedabad

Showcased our DIY Neuroscience Kits in Center State Science Conclave which was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India in Science City, Ahmedabad.

Upside Down Labs

Workshop – IIT Kanpur Chapter

Organized for School of International Biodesign – Synergizing Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIB-SHInE) program jointly led by IIT Kanpur and KGMU Lucknow.

Want to invite us in your college/event?

Let’s promote DIY Neuroscience together!

Note: We believe in providing the education for free but the organizers should bear the costs of Neuroscience kits, travel, & accommodation.